A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy

A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy

A Midsummer Swedish Sex Comedy, Film BANNER

A beautiful waterfront house, a Swedish flag fluttering in the wind. A sailboat tied to the wooden deck below. This is the setting of the friends’ annual midsummer celebrations. The friends are gathered at Emil’s house (Daniel Gustavsson) and the herring lunch, sauna, games and compulsory skinny dipping are prepared as always.

Expectations are set– Micke (Alexander Karim) worries about his highly pregnant wife and the fastest way to the nearest hospital. Eva (Anna Littorin) is looking for some distraction from her recent split with Patrik (Per Wernolf) and Sam (Luke Perry). Emil’s college buddy from the States arrives with his own expectations of Swedish sin. Wannabe singer-songwriter Anders (Olle Sarri) hasn’t told his wannabe pregnant girlfriend Maria (Annica McCrudden) about his low sperm count and hopes to solve the problem over the weekend. To top it off Emil’s surprise seems to lift the party to unprecedented heights. If everything had gone according to plan that is.

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