Dream Anyway

Dream Anyway, Album BANNER

Dream Anyway is Ian McCrudden’s second release as a solo artist, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Start Over, which had 7 of its 11 tracks placed in film and television programs around the world. This album marks a significant step forward for McCrudden’s songwriting. It is well-conceived and well-produced with echoes from the American desert, by way of the streets of Stockholm. With hints of prettiness, growling, twang, and heart, this collection of songs is honest, emotional, insightful and achingly beautiful.

McCrudden takes the best of troubadour storytelling into the realm of soundscape, arriving at something that is truly cinematic. This is unique musical composition and songwriting from an artist who works across many mediums and continents.

Listen to this international artist as he takes us to the far corners of his world, from the snowy dark nights of Sweden to 4am, wide awake on a California beach, waves crashing and stars twinkling overhead. McCrudden’s songs are unforgotten dreams, potent yet mysterious, and utterly memorable. One minute into the title track and you will sit back, close your eyes, and listen.

Click play to preview “The Least”, or follow the links below to get the album for yourself:

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