Child of Grace

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Nine-year-old Katie Johnson (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) has spent most of her life traveling the country in an RV with her father (Thomas Hildreth). One day, she sees a portrait of herself on a missing child poster and realizes that the man she believes

Cowboys ★ Indians

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Cowboys and Indians is a tragic love story set in the modern west. The film follows the life of Angel (Maria Johnson), a beautiful but damaged Paiute Indian woman who was lead to live desperately on the edge after a traumatic experience. While making

A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy

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A beautiful waterfront house, a Swedish flag fluttering in the wind. A sailboat tied to the wooden deck below. This is the setting of the friends’ annual midsummer celebrations. The friends are gathered at Emil’s house (Daniel Gustavsson)

Anita O’Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer

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A documentary look at the improvised life of Anita O’Day (1919-2006), singer and stylist whose timing, phrasing, interpretations, and unique sound put her among the finest jazz vocalists in history. Interviews with her later in life are intersp


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On a small fishing island off the coast of Maine, families have lived and worked off the sea for generations. Everyone knows each other. Birthright is akin to law and men inherit their fishing territories. Eben Cole (Thomas Hildreth), like the other

Patriotic Bitch

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Alanna Ubach is the mad hatter of your ideal tea party. Her writing and acting tickles and probes, a potent combination of the superbly observed and supremely imagined. In Patriotic Bitch she pushes the boundary of the one-woman-show by eschewing alt


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On his way to meet his long-lost brother in Baja for some big waves and bigger parties, Colin (Kaiwi Lyman) and his buddies leave the tourist traps behind and, with darkness descending, make their way along unmarked back roads. Lost and unnerved, the

The Things We Carry

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The Things We Carry is a personal story that marks the debut of the Lobit Sisters (Athena Lobit, Producer and Alyssa Lobit, Writer & Actress). After backpacking through South East Asia for three years, thrill-seeker Emmie (Alyssa Lobit) returns

Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler

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A banker, a husband, a father… Mr. Smith (Larry Pine) must leave it all behind him. He’s made a mistake and he’s trying to pay for it but he doesn’t know if there is enough money in the world. Or so he tells Bobby (Alex Feldma